The Hungkuang University has over 50 years of history offering excellent nursing programs. All nursing faculty at Hungkuang University hold a minimum of Master’s degree, and many hold a doctoral degree. The faculty also have the clinical expertise to educate our students with rigor, drive, accountability, and innovation. As a result, the school regularly received high remarks from internal peer program evaluators as well as external program evaluators from governmental agencies and professional organizations. With our nursing programs continuously emphasizing the unity of theory and practice, we have been entrusted by the public as evidenced by one in every ten nurses in Taiwan is the graduate of our nursing programs.

On August 19, 2015, Hungkuang University received the approval from the Ministry of Education to be the only school offering the Post Baccalaureate Nursing program in Central and Southern Taiwan. This second-degree seeking program aims to educate students with bachelor’s degrees in non-nursing fields who would like to pursue a bachelor nursing degree because they may experience difficulties in obtaining employment or feel less satisfied with their previous career choices. Students may receive academic credits by course transfer. While studying at school, our students may choose to work at healthcare agencies to gain financial independence and be acquainted with the healthcare workplace.

Educational Goal

The Post Baccalaureate Nursing program enables students to become a nurse with professional nursing skills, humanistic literacy, and self-development skills.

In addition to strengthening basic medical and nursing knowledge, the curriculum focuses on learning related to the humanities, social, scientific, artistic and other knowledge and emphasizes the unity of theory and practice, so individual general capacities and dispositions, such as general clinical nursing skills, basic biomedical sciences, communication and cooperation, critical thinking, caring, ethical knowledge, accountability, and lifelong learning can be fostered.