Introduction of Post Baccalaureate Nursing

Poster:Post date:2016-04-26
  1. The HungKuang University has running for 50-year of excellent history of nursing education, experienced TNAC evaluation by nursing professional groups, and many self-evaluations in school affairs conducted by external school members.

  2. The school emphasizes the environment of know-how and complete nursing education. Among the nursing talents in the workplace of the national health care industry, almost one in 10 people is HongKuang nursing graduates, and their professional attitudes and abilities are highly recognized by everyone .

  3. In 2015,the HungKuang University has been approved by the Ministry of Education to be the only school in the south-central region to apply for post-graduate nursing. It is aimed at non-nursing background university graduates who have difficulties in employment, dissatisfaction with their interests or who are looking forward to nursing care, and develop their second expertise and introduce them into the nursing workplace. Become a nurse with professional nursing skills, humanistic literacy and self-development skills.

  4. The faculties at HungKuang University nursing department have Maters’ or doctoral degrees with clinical experience to provide nursing education with rigorous responsibility, motivation, cultivation and renovation.

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